It’s 2016 now, and with high-speed mobile Internet now covering the majority of the UK, it’s easier than ever for couples searching for their perfect wedding venue to consume huge amounts of data and media on their mobile devices. We’re pleased to announce that alongside our brand new Admin Area for Venue Owners, we now offer an easy-to-use Media Manager.

We made the decision to remove all upload limits for paying customers with the release of our new Admin Panel, so that you can truly show off your Venue in all of its glory. But what’s more is that we’ve also introduced the ability to add videos and PDF documents to your listing too, allowing owners to share their very best content with couples looking to get married in their area. The new Media Manager has been developed¬†with lessons learned over the last 15 years of We identified that one of the biggest stumbling blocks for venue owners listing their Venues on our site was the uploading and management of images for their listing pages. With the introduction of our video and PDF upload features as well, we wanted a straightforward and easy-to-use system, which collated all of an owner’s media into a useful interface, and thus, the Media Manager was born.

The feature-rich facility includes many useful tools for venue owners, and the interface should be easy to use and navigate, even for those who are not regular users of the Internet. The Media Manager can be used to upload a vast array of media types but importantly can also be used to edit images that have already been uploaded. Worrying about image orientation when uploading photographs directly from your digital camera is now a thing of the past; our Image Editor allows you to fix that with the click of a button. What’s more is that even if you’ve removed an image, video or document from your venue’s listing page, it will not be deleted from your Media Manager. This awesome new feature means that owners now have the ability to archive images, and add seasonal shots to their listing page as desired. Want to add that picture of your venue’s snow-covered rooftop you added last winter? No problem, just select it from the Media Manager and add it to your listing. What’s more, we know that it can also be a bit of a task trying to arrange all of your media, especially if you manage more than one venue on our site, so that’s why we introduced the ability to filter and search media items directly within the Media Manager.

We’re pleased to announce that the Media Manager also makes uploading items to an absolute breeze, and we’ve introduced several new ways for you to get your media into your listing page on the site. As well as supporting traditional-style uploads from your local computer, now you can simply drag and drop files from your desktop to upload them. If that wasn’t easy enough, the Media Manager now supports uploading images from remote URL or even from your venue’s website. Finally, videos can be imported from your YouTube account automatically making it easier than ever to add dynamic content to your listing on WeddingVenues.

zoom-download-originalWe know that managing your venue’s media can be a task in itself, and to make your job a little bit easier, the new Media Manager allows you to download the original file directly from our server, so you never have to worry about losing that awesome video or the perfect photograph for your new wedding brochure. Simply search for it in the Media Manager and choose the “Download original” option from the sidebar. The sidebar can also be used to add titles and descriptions to your media items; these fields are automatically saved as you type so it’s easier than ever to add great copy and information about your pictures, videos and documents.

The screencast below shows how you can use the new Media Manager to upload and select media for your venue’s listing page — we hope you will find it useful:

Useful tips:

  • When supported, you can select multiple items from the Media Manager by holding down the shift key and clicking on the media items.
  • You don’t need to save titles and descriptions when adding them to media items using the sidebar; they are automatically saved as you type.
  • The Media Manager can be accessed from the main Admin Panel sidebar; you don’t need to be editing a venue to use it.
  • Try to upload images in the highest possible resolution. When importing images from your venue’s website, avoid importing small or thumbnail versions if possible.